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Rabbi Saul Berman Hired by Chovevei

One door closes, and this one opens:

From: Yeshivat Chovevei Torah
Subject: Important Announcement to YCT Talmidim

Dear Chevre,

I am pleased to share with you some wonderful news. Rabbi Saul Berman has been appointed the Director of Rabbinic Enrichment at the Yeshiva. Rabbi Berman will head YCT’s Legacy Heritage Rabbinic Enrichment Initiative (LHREI). Established through the generosity of the Legacy Heritage Fund of New York and Jerusalem, in honor of Bella and Harry Wexner, z”?l, this initiative in continuing Rabbinic education will use a combination of mentorship of newly ordained rabbis by senior rabbis, conferences, community events, and electronic resources to support YCT alumni and enhance their intellectual and spiritual growth, thus, making our rabbis in the field more effective and successful in their service to Klal Yisrael. Coming in at the unprecedented time of growth for the Yeshiva, Rabbi Berman will shape the way for the institution’s support of the growing number of chevre in the field.
As you are well aware, Rabbi Berman is one of the most respected voices in the Modern Orthodox community, and in the larger Jewish world today. His commitment to the vision of YCT and his extensive experience as a pulpit rabbi, community leader, and educator will be critically important to the development of a sophisticated continuing education component. I am proud and delighted that Rabbi Berman, a person of great brilliance, integrity and sensitivity, has agreed to come on board.
The Yeshiva is forever indebted to you, our dear students for your commitment to Am Yisroel. You are the centerpiece for all that we do. Together, B’ezrat Hashem, may we grow from strength to strength.
With blessings for a pleasant, fruitful and fulfilling summer,

Rav Avi [Weiss]

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