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R’ Aryeh Strikovsky Explains Haviva Ner-David’s Certifications

We spoke by phone.
“First of all, there is some recognition” that she can serve as an “instructor to brides, to Jewish brides.” This is an area of education that Strikovsky hopes will grow, as “until now, there is confusion and chaos about it…those who teach don’t know much about it, but Haviva knows very much about it, and I hope that others will follow like her.”
“In my time, when I was a yeshiva boy, they told a student, you must learn several tractates, several hundred pages…and then the cherry, the practical halachot for the semicha…today, since there is a large population of people who want to learn after college, they just learn what they have to to meet the standard…this led to some erosion of standards in ordination…of those who are so-called ordained.”
“The stuff that she studied in the past ten years or so, I prescribed whatever she learned…and that she would instruct brides for marriage…she can do it now with formal recognition…and I think it’s very important that more women who do counseling for brides will take it more seriously.”
“People who don’t know more than Haviva call themselves rabbis, but instead of making another third-grade rabbi, i made a high-class instructor, who can be an instructor to other instructors.”

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