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Assembling a Timeline of Satmar Violence

Especially as it relates to the succession conflict. Chime in with all the information you’ve got — and please present good sourcing with it. This post will be in constant flux, as I add more information.
1970s - “in spring 1975 the Satmar hung an effigy of the Lubuvitcher Rebbe from a telephone pole. In the summer of 1977 and 1978 physical conflict arose between Lubavitcher (Crown Heights) and Satmar (Williamsburg) Hasidism over turf, over differing views of involvement in North American society, and over attitudes toward the state of Israel. And Belzer and Satmar Hasidism, two years later, clashed in the synagogue of the Congregation Belz over a similar ideological issue.” [Source]
1990 - “The conflict between the factions flared into violence in 1990, when Mr. Brach tried to install roll-down gates on the door of the synagogue. A brawl erupted in which three men were dragged from a car that was then set on fire, three police officers were hurt and hundreds of angry Hasidim poured into the streets.” These factions, though, at least according to the 1996 NYT story, were on different sides about the succession of Moses Teitelbaum, not his sons. [NYT]
In a conflict with non-Jews, “In 1990, tension turned to violence when 300 [Satmar] Hasidim protesting the arrest of a sect member on sexual assault charges demonstrated outside the 90th Precinct station house. Forty-five police officers were injured.” [NYT]
July, 1992 - “the beating of a 13-year-old Hispanic boy by a [Satmar] Hasidic man who had accused him of shoplifting prompted a demonstration by 75 Hispanic residents.”
September, 1992 - NYT reports on Kiryas Joel:

Troopers have had hundreds of calls from people who’ve been stoned, their house and car windows broken, their sidewalks stenciled with Hebrew profanities.
The arrested and convicted are loyal followers of the Satmar’s Grand Rabbi, Moses Teitelbaum. Victims are dissident Satmars who question the Grand Rabbi’s leadership. It’s grown so bad that two weeks ago troopers rode undercover on a school bus of kindergarteners in hopes of ambushing rock throwers.
Ben Zion Friedman, a dissident, says he twice was assaulted while praying at the temple, his glasses and hat thrown off. Two followers of the Grand Rabbi were charged.
Mr. Waldman refused to recant. In May hundreds of the Grand Rabbi’s supporters gathered on Mr. Waldman’s lawn, breaking windows. Ten troopers dispersed them.
[Weider] accused dissidents of provoking teen-agers to stone them. But this is not what the police say happened on Sept. 6. They say Yosef Hirsch, who runs a small dissident school, was driving kindergarteners home, when he passed one of the Grand Rabbi’s yeshivas. Mr. Hirsch’s bus windows have been smashed several times. The Grand Rabbi’s students began stoning the bus, say the police. The undercover officers jumped off and arrested two teen-agers. When a backup squad car arrived, the police say, it was stoned and a third teen-ager was arrested.

1997 - In Kiryas Joel, “Rabbi Joseph Waldman, a dissident leader, said that his car has been torched three times, that the windows of his house have been smashed and that one dissident was beaten brutally. He said that his six children were thrown out of the village’s main yeshiva, and that dissidents have been barred from visiting relatives’ graves in the congregation’s cemetery.
Village leaders say that the beatings and burnings were done by hotheads and that the other actions were taken by the religious congregation, not the village leadership, because of general disapproval of some dissidents’ behavior.” The NYT asserts this is part of a feud between pro-Moshe and anti-Moshe factions. [NYT]
September, 2001 - Brawling over the Succos holiday at Yetev Lev D’Satmar in Williamsburg, including a claim that the president of the congregation was “beat up” by Lipa Teitelbaum, as part of the Aaron/Zalman conflict. [NYP]
March, 2002 - David Ekstein claims he was kicked in the head by Lipa Teitelbaum during Saturday night services after he was denounces as a moser, and “Cops have responded to a half-dozen 911 calls to the temple in the past three months.” Aaron/Zalman conflict. [NYP]
October, 2005 - A brawl in Williasmburg on the holiday of Shemini Atzeres featuring “punches, slaps and beard-pulling,” and “Cops and witnesses said thousands were involved in the fight.” This came on the heels of a court decision that was seen as leaving the Aaroniks in charge of Yetev Lev, and a claim that the Aaroniks bused in 800 people to stake their claim to it. Aaron/Zalman conflict. [NYP]

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