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Searching for Peter Henle and Harold Goldstein

As discussed last week, there are two Jews who were reportedly fired from the Bureau of Labor Statistics after President Richard Nixon requested, and received, a list of 13 ostensible Jews in the bureau, compiled by Fred Malek, who’s now bidding on the Washington Nationals baseball team.
What happened to Peter Henle and Richard Goldstein?
Well, Henle, at least, seems to have found himself back in the BLS at a later date, as he authored an article for the Monthly Labor Review in 1990 (listed here; I’ve put in a message with his co-author, Paul Ryscavage) [UPDATE: Left a message with Henle].
Harold Goldstein is harder to locate, because his name is far more common. I’ll post more when I have more. Interestingly, in 1971, Time magazine reported the situation quite differently:

The peskiest poker of Administration balloons has been Harold Goldstein, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ assistant commissioner in charge of analyzing the most politically potent figure of all, the jobless rate. Last January he rightly called the .2% drop in unemployment “marginally significant.” Labor Secretary James Hodgson, however, publicly declared that the drop had “great significance.'’ In March, when Hodgson termed a slight decrease in unemployment “heartening,” Goldstein called it “a mixed picture.” Apprised of Hodgson’s view, Goldstein replied: “I am not here to support or not support the Secretary’s statement. I am here to help you interpret the figures.” Soon after, Hodgson, with White House concurrence, canceled Goldstein’s monthly press briefings, at which he made most of his unvarnished assessments.
Last week Goldstein’s department was chopped in two, and he was put in charge of the politically less sensitive half, which deals with long-term manpower trends. The Labor Department was shopping around for a new man to handle current employment statistics. Meanwhile, Peter Henle, the BLS’s chief economist, who often disagreed with White House assumptions, took a leave of absence to do private research until, as BLS Commissioner Geoffrey Moore said, “an appropriate new assignment” is arranged.

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