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Scurrilous and Libelous Attacks Against Israel Singer, or The Gary Rosenblatt School of Journalism

There’s no other way to describe an article that makes devastating claims in its headline and lede that the body of the article utterly fails to justify. Reporter Larry Cohler-Esses struggles mightily to justify the smear in his headline and lede that Singer used Holocaust reparations money to pay an old chum, Curtis Hoxter, but only comes close enough to pairing the two that you’d think he’s playing a twisted version of The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.
“Holocaust Cash Went To Shadowy Pal Of Ousted WJC Leader,” blares the headline. But how close did Singer actually come to getting Hoxter those funds? Well, Singer once paid Hoxter as a consultant to the World Jewish Congress, and Hoxter subsequently received consultation payments from a Jewish organization that counts itself among the hundreds of organizations that receive allocations of grants from an organization for which Singer serves as a politician but has no role in allocations.
Now, I’ve restrained myself from commenting on the latest round of Singer bashing by the incompetents of the Jewish media, and I’ve always held back from presenting any new information on the campaign NYJW editor Rosenblatt and others have waged against Singer owing to my conflicts of interest with him (though I notice the various reporters antagonizing Singer haven’t restrained themselves even when they have similarly significant conflicts of interest, as they often do). And though I probably could get all kinds of information for this latest, I’ll again hold back and let the disgraceful and disreputable Rosenblatt company’s transparently poor journalism speak for itself.
Completely apart from whatever Hoxter was actually doing for this series of unrelated Jewish organizations, to claim that Singer negotiated the transfer of Holocaust reparations funds to a buddy without any sort of proof is surely as low as as a bottom-feeder can go. Unless Rosenblatt and Cohler-Esses would next like to claim that Singer actually transferred the money back to Herr Hitler, there’s just no greater level of depravity available.
It was one thing to libel Singer for several years, falsely claiming any number of things that Isi Liebler would feed the NYJW that the attorney general’s report ultimately found baseless. But when Rosenblatt and Cohler-Esses, with Liebler backing them, claim he took money from Holocaust reparations funds, it’s no longer just an illegal breach of First Amendment rights, it’s an inhuman thing to do.
Unlike many of the other Jewish figureheads involved in reparations, Singer, who spearheaded the whole thing, never took a penny from Holocaust reparations for his decade-long battle to win some measure of justice from German and Swiss banks, among others. Other Jews involved are taking millions home to their families, while Singer’s reward is to be shoved out the door at his organization for falling out of political lockstep with a billionaire patron. And to heap filthy, unjustifiable claims from the NYJW upon that, well, when they said it doesn’t pay to be the good guy, they couldn’t have imagined the level of inequity to which Singer has been subject. And for some reason beyond my comprehension, Rosenblatt and Cohler-Esses, and again Liebler, are forever eager to continue to slam the scales even further. In what would almost be a comical turn if it weren’t so disgusting, Rosenblatt and Cohler-Esses have developed a warped reality in which a man who never took a penny for himself in a cause to which he devoted a major portion of his life actually chose to toss all his morality out the window by using reparations funds to instead get more money for a guy who used to consult for his employer. Huh?
One of the most inscrutable things about this story is that it starts from a relatively legitimate premise. By all appearances, Singer didn’t get the proper permissions for Hoxter’s consultancy with the WJC. For once, Cohler-Esses is correct when he points this out. But instead of a story about how Singer once again didn’t run the finances of the WJC well, Cohler-Esses and Rosenblatt concocted perhaps the most hurtful claim they could against Singer. Read through the story and see if you can come up with the logic behind their connection of Singer to Hoxter’s employment with the March of the Living; it’s like an addict’s feeble attempt at playing connect the dots on LSD.
In light of all this, it might seem out of place to even discuss that core issue on which Singer has actually been pegged — the unauthorized, seemingly somewhat secret payments to Hoxter. But it’s actually quite enlightening about the blindness Cohler-Esses and Rosenblatt have developed on this issue.
Why would Singer seemingly have the WJC pay money to Hoxter, and why would those payments seemingly not get recorded in publicly-accessible documents?
Here, let me rephrase that question:
Why would Singer, trying to find a way to stymie some of the largest banks and corporations in the world and gain some measure of justice for their complicity in and profit from Jewish genocide, have Hoxter — a consultant and negotiator whose employment by the Swiss and German banks was anything but secret, and a major feather in the cap of these groups trying to hold on to their bloody billions — spend the decade of those fierce negotiations clandestinely and unbeknownst to key figures actually receiving undisclosed payments from the Jewish organization trying to defeat his disclosed employer?
Gee, why on earth would Singer do that?
Maybe my readers can accomplish what Cohler-Esses and Rosenblatt obviously cannot, and put two and two together.

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