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It’s Midnight; Must be a Frivolous Lawsuit Calling

You’d think a guy making legal threats he expected to be taken seriously wouldn’t call your home at 11:45. You’d be wrong. Apparently, it’s the season for lawsuits against blogs.
Someone claiming to be an attorney and a friend of Rabbi Aron Tendler of Baltimore, MD — who is a different fellow from the Rabbi Aron Tendler who recently resigned his pulpit in Los Angeles, CA — called at that late hour tonight to complain about a JewishWhistleBlower comment reading:

Also add Rabbi Aron Tendler (formerly of LA) to that list.

“That list” was “a quick list of people with connections to the state of MD that have allegations of some sort against them posted on-line” from his previous comment.
The caller asserted that JWB’s comment libeled his friend Aron Tendler by making it appear that the other Aron Tendler, the Baltimore one, was the one against whom the allegations have been made.
Of course, it’s obvious that the two could get mixed up, but not by JWB, who’s well aware — as are presumably all who’ve followed this case — that the two men are different. Hence JWB’s appellation “formerly of LA,” to distinguish the two. And similarly available is information that the Aron Tendler accused of abuse does have various connections to Maryland, and it’s been well-noted that he’s been seen in the Baltimore area since his resignation. But the caller didn’t want to hear that the writing by JWB was legitimate, or that it couldn’t reasonably be read as referring to the Baltimore Aron Tendler, nor that if he felt it hit too close to him, he was perfectly entitled to leave a comment in the same space. No, to those suggestions from me, he informed me that he is an attorney, claimed significant knowledge of defamation law, and that I could expect a lawsuit. To that, I said, “well, then I’ll look forward to reading your brief” and hung up.
At the late hour, I forget the caller’s name, but I think it might have been Irving or Edward Kramer, and the Caller ID showed up for a Thomas Kimberly (perhaps Kimberly Thomas) of (443) 414-9434.
What is it about blogs that brings the bad lawyers of the woodwork?

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